ABIDJAN - According to our information, Mr. TOUHOU HENRI, unsuccessful candidate in the Ivorian presidential election of 2010 was thrown into Abidjan civil Prison MACA, this Friday, January 3, 2014 at 20h for a fraud case on 2 million FCFA (U.S. $ 4000) .
According to certain sources, TOHOU HENRI pays his support to the candidate Laurent Gbagbo during the second round of the Ivorian elections. The unsuccessful candidates Mr. TOHOU HENRI, Jacqueline Lohoues OBLE, Reverend TAGOUA Pascal , Mr. Adama DOLO , Mr. ENOH N'Douba KOUADIO and Mr. Simeon had called to vote for Laurent Gbagbo to the second round of Ivorian presidential elections of 2010. Ouattara's regime has never forgiven this political choice of Tohou HENRI. So Ouattara used a humdrum affair in order to make him pay his alliance with Gbagbo in the second round of the Presidential elections of 2010, revealed the sources. Tohou HENRI thus undergoes the common fate of all other proGbagbo political prisoners.